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Ski School

Would you like your children to learn to ski, quickly and well?  Do you want them to be taught by qualified specialists?  We offer ski lessons for children, but also for adults.  We teach skiing to everyone, from beginners to advanced skiers.  You can find us at the bottom lift station of the Myšák Resort.

Skiing with Children

There is nothing more beautiful than being able to ski with your children.  Here, at the Praděd Ski School, we will help you realise that experience.  Not only that you will get to ski with your children, but you will also be proud of them.  We are interested in working with children in a friendly atmosphere and our motto is “learn by playing”.  In this way, children learn to ski nearly spontaneously and very naturally, with only a slight correction from our instructors.

Naturally, aside from skiing, we can teach your children snowboarding.

Ministry Licence  

Our school holds a licence from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport for training ski instructors and trainers.  We approach each beginner, whether a child or an adult, individually, in accordance with their needs.  Children learn to ski according to their abilities and needs.  Aside from ski lessons for children and adults, we offer lectures and talks on various skiing-related topics.  We provide materials and equipment for ski races and their organisation.

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Booking and Contact Information

Do you want to ski with your children?  Do you have questions about ski lessons?  Please contact us using this contact information.

To book for lessons, please call:

  • 734 621 468


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