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Downhill Slopes in the Jeseníky

We have a surprise here in the Jeseníky Mountains for downhill skiing enthusiasts: due to safety concerns, we have broadened the main slope of the FIS.  It is marked at the red level of difficulty.  In addition, we have built another red ski slope for you in the Jeseníky, called Rukáv – The Sleeve.  Our main concern is that you enjoy the finest possible skiing experience in the Jeseníky Mountains.

The Myšák Ski Resort offers the optimal conditions for quality skiing:

Total length of ski slopes:

2,450 meters


Elevation difference:

160 meters

Artificial snow:

YES, 100%

Downhill Slopes

Here is an overview of our downhill slopes:


The FAMILY slope features the unique length of 1,100 meters – it underwent significant adaptations in autumn 2012 – the difficulty rating is blue

Under the Forest (Pod lesem)

The Pod lesem slope is 200 meters long and has a blue difficulty rating


The Myšáček slope is designed for our smallest skiers.  It is 50 meters long and is rated as blue.


The FIS slope is 650 meters long – it was broadened and adapted in summer 2012 – the difficulty rating is red (medium) – competition-grade

The Sleeve (Rukáv)

The Rukáv slope is 700 meters long – it was created in summer 2012 – the slope difficulty is rated red (medium) – competition-grade  

Skiing in the Jeseníky

Are you looking for excitement and fun?  Do you like skiing and speed?  Then you will love our Myšák Ski Resort.  Come ski in the Jeseníky Mountains and enjoy our downhill runs.  You can ski in the Jeseníky all winter long, because we produce artificial snow.  With the pleasant elevation difference of 160 meters and 2.5 km of ski slopes, you will find skiing here to be great fun.

Contact Information

Questions about the slopes?  Would you like to enjoy great skiing in the Jeseníky?  If so, we will be happy to see you.  You can contact us using this contact information.


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