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The Myšák Ski Resort

We run the Karlov ski centre for families with children.  The Myšák Ski Resort is only a few kilometres from the tallest peak of the Jeseníky Mountains, Mount Praděd (1,491 meters above sea level), in the valley of the Moravice River, in the beautiful environs of the village of Malá Morávka – Karlov.  Follow our news to learn about current events.


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Services at SKI Karlov

To make your stay at the ski resort in Karlov as pleasant as possible, we offer additional services.  For example, for groups and ski courses, we offer FREE transport to the Ski Resort in Karlov.  There are also the authorised Karlov ski service shop and children’s snowmobile rental.

  • FREE bus transport  
  • Authorised ski service shop
  • Children’s snowmobile rental

Karlov pod Pradědem

The Myšák Ski Resort is in Karlov pod Pradědem and offers skiing for families and well as sports enthusiasts on two red ski slopes and one blue slope, with a total length of 2,450 meters.  All slopes are groomed regularly and, if necessary, covered with artificial snow.  You can see what is happening right now at our ski resort in Karlov with our on-line cameras!  If you wish to see what our Karlov ski resort looks like in other seasons, check out our photo gallery.

  • 2 red slopes (FIS and The Sleeve)
  • 1 blue slope (FAMILY)
  • 2 ski lifts (T-bar and Poma)

A pass not only for Karlov!

The Myšák Ski Resort participates in the SKI CENTRUM MALÁ MORÁVKA – KARLOV single pass system.  That is why you can use the pass purchased here in the Ski Karlov, Klobouk, and Kopřivná Ski Resorts.

SKI Karlov

At present, the ski resort in Karlov features 2 ski lifts:

  • A T-lift with a capacity of up to 900 persons per hour
  • A Poma lift at the ski school

Events at the resort

The Poma travels at a speed adjusted to the smallest visitors of the Myšák Ski Resort in Karlov.  This summer, we developed a brand new downhill slope for the littlest skiers, for beginners, and for anyone who wants to just relax when skiing.  It is 1,100 meters long, 40 to 70 meters wide, and is designated with the blue colour (tourist-grade).  The slope is completely covered with artificial snow.  Anyone who prefers leisurely skiing will enjoy this.  Only at the Karlov ski resort.

Sport in Karlov

Are you an athlete?  Then the Karlov ski resort is the right place for you.  For safety reasons, we have expanded our main slope, the FIS slope for all enthusiastic skiers, competitors, and everyone who loves speed.  It is designated as red.  In addition, we have built another, new red slope called The Sleeve (Rukáv) in Karlov. 

Parking, Ski Rental, and Ski School

There are two large free parking facilities by the bottom lift station of the Karlov ski resort.  They are for you, the visitors of the MYŠÁK SKI Resort.  There is also a ski rental facility and a ski school which offers skiing and snowboarding lessons for all categories and age levels, from beginners to advanced.

Events at Ski Karlov

We regularly organise sporting events at our resort, from major FIS races to events for children and their parents.


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